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无论你是在筹集第一轮融资还是准备IPO,可扩展性都是成功的关键. 要实现这一点,您需要让您的流程就位——这从有效的自动化开始 & 集成. 然而,, there’s a lot to balance and prioritize – including quote-to-cash, procure-to-pay, hire-to-retire, 营销自动化, 报告和分析.

在这个随需应变的环节中, 集成专家Graney马特提供了一个实用指南,帮助您创建集成路线图——无需大量的IT投资. 您将学习如何准备您的业务高速增长,并使您的公司通过有效的自动化规模.


  • Review of typical business processes and prioritizing what processes to automate
  • Our roadmap for automating quote-to-cash that helped us get to $25m
  • 如何开始构建您自己的集成路线图
  • 为什么自动化的敏捷方法很重要

这是关于缺陷的业务流程,以及它们如何成为公司扩展的关键. 威廉希尔体育开始吧. Maybe before I do that, I’ve been with Silico for four years as VP of Product. 大概六年, 也, in the 集成 space and about 20 years in B2b Product in the San Francisco area. 让威廉希尔体育开始吧. 好吧, 首先要认识到, 当然, 公司是由业务流程组成的吗. 这里威廉希尔体育看到一些典型的业务流程,你可能会在软件公司遇到. 其中一些你可能知道他们的名字. Things like quote-to-cash, 例如, effectively how you’re going to get paid. 但随着时间的推移,这些过程需要进化. These business processes, 当然, exist whether you’re automating them or not, 正确的? Procure-to-pay, 例如, is all about how you manage the payment of vendors and suppliers. The importance of these business processes changes as a comp任何 evolves, 正确的? 在公司成立初期, 你可能不会雇佣很多人,所以考虑完整的员工生命周期还不是那么重要. If you’re in the expansion stage, you might be hiring tens or hundreds of people in a quarter. 你需要考虑如何实现自动化. How to make sure employees are properly onboarded and offboarded, as well. 类似的, 当你走得更远的时候, 一开始可能是纯经营性的商业智能需要转变为更深入的分析. So business processes, 当然, are integral to– to running a business. 而且,随着企业的成熟,它们的重要性以及有效运营它们的需求也会增加. 所以过去是这样的——你可以去买一个大型的软件套件,他们会声称会处理一切. 一站式购物,软件配套齐全. That, 当然, came along with multi-u deployments, very slow to get live. But what we’ve seen over time is a sort of a fragmentation where the Cloud, 事实上, 使得这. 云计算允许快速部署. 这意味着创业更容易. It’s meant that software is easier to acquire as the spend has g一个 down, even with the spend moving from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, and indeed the spend moving away from central IT into each department. And so what used to be features of a major software suite, now might actually be entire companies. And categories of software that didn’t exist some years ago are popping up all the time. So this is an inevitable nature of– of the software space today for software businesses, 因此,这里流行的是一种最佳解决方案,它将导致威廉希尔体育所说的SAS威廉希尔体育的蔓延, 数十个或威廉希个这样的威廉希尔体育. And yet these applications are what– running your business processes. 您可以确定您在屏幕上看到的每个图标在设计时都没有考虑到其他所有图标. So you end up with a lot of silos and it makes your business processes 而 fragmented. 那么,你如何在让你的团队能够灵活地选择合适的工具的同时,把所有的东西重新拼接在一起呢. Business processes not only span multiple departments, they span multiple 业务威廉希尔体育s. 为了完善这些过程, 威廉希尔体育讲过, 说到自动化, 你真的需要某种程度的整合. 这些不同的威廉希尔体育怎么样, 就像我说的, 它们在设计时并没有考虑到彼此, 它们将如何相互通信? 看这个问题的时候, you have a number of options for how you’re going to connect your enterprise. The first is really to deploy your own engineering effort and build custom 集成s. So this can be a quite expensive proposition and is maybe okay at the beginning, 但它往往不会规模化. 随着业务流程的发展, 就像我一开始建议的那样, 随着企业的成熟, 软件领域发生了变化. It makes it difficult to keep up and ultimately 而 hard to maintain. Applications change over time, introducing new capabilities, new interfaces. 你要如何跟上这些? 这是一种选择. Another is very specific, third-party, point-to-point solutions that focus just on 一个 problem. So these can work too, 当然, but they’re often a black box. And the moment you start going outside the boundaries of what they’ve defined, 它们变得非常难以使用和定制. M任何 集成s, 当然, are built by software vendors themselves. 如果你想的话, 作为SaaS提供商, if you need your app to integrate to 一个 of the gorillas of the SaaS base, 你可能会想要自己构建它. 这, 当然, 是很重要的, and it will often allow the most basic requirements to be met, 但它们往往不是基于定制来构建的. So, 例如, it might work fine if you’re using all the standard business objects out of your CRM or your ERP. 但是随着时间的推移, 随着业务的成熟, 您需要适应这些大型枢纽的灵活性, 如果你愿意, SaaS威廉希尔体育的适应性. And sometimes these vendor-built 集成s won’t keep up. 所以每个集成供应商, 然后, 并不真正了解彼此的存在你最终会遇到一个非常具有挑战性的问题,在影响分析方面. The final option here that I want to talk about is IPASS or 集成 platform as a service. 一开始,我没有提到威廉希尔是做什么的. So maybe no surprise to say that 威廉希尔 itself is an 集成 platform as a service, 这对威廉希尔体育来说是一个关键的竞争优势,因为威廉希尔体育能够使用威廉希尔体育自己的产品来解决威廉希尔体育自己的业务流程自动化问题. IPASS的作用是,它是一整套软件. 如果你没有意识到的话, 我建议你去看看, because it’s 一个 of the fastest-growing segments of B2B software today. 那么集成平台是做什么的, 就像盒子上写的那样, it sort of is a platform that brings all the 集成s together, 它通常是作为一种服务来提供的. 这 allows the 集成 of cloud applications to be standardized. 它允许数据集中. It allows it to evolve with all the 正确的 sort of controls in place, 提供诸如治理和遵从性的解决方案. 保证交付. between applications and generally a lower 成本 of maintenance. So, 再一次, this is a bit of a competitive advantage to us because we are, 事实上, iPaaS供应商. But there are a whole segment of tools out there that do this and solve this problem. 好吧. 以上是一些背景知识. 威廉希尔体育知道,业务是由业务流程组成的,这些业务流程越来越多地由一组广泛而不同的威廉希尔体育提供支持,现在您需要以某种方式将这些威廉希尔体育缝合在一起,以形成一致的业务流程. 现在让我谈谈威廉希尔体育在威廉希尔的经历, using ourselves as a sort of a proxy for what mid-market software companies have to get through. 可以说是早期的中端市场. 因此,让威廉希尔体育具体谈谈帮助威廉希尔体育在ARA中获得第一个2500万美元的一些关键整合?]. So we’re a Series B start-up and we’ve been around for a little while, 这个应用领域已经发生了巨大的变化. 事实上, 我已经准备好了, 我想到了在威廉希尔的四年,想到了我加入时幻灯片上没有的所有商标. HubSpot wasn’t there, Paystand, Concur, Gainsight, LiveChat, FinancialForce, G2 Crowd. There were m任何 of them that have been added along the way. 但你可以看到这里有混合. First off in the orange, those where we’re using native 集成s. 这些集成都是现成的. So, 例如, between Zendesk that our support team uses and Jira used by engineering. 威廉希尔体育发现的是即使随着时间的流逝, the out-of-the-box 集成s serve our purposes very well. 但除此之外,威廉希尔体育还扩展了. 无论是CRM和Salesforce的整合还是威廉希尔体育财务系统的NetSuite, 以确保, 例如, 因为机会已经关闭, 一个, 在Salesforce, 他们成为NetSuite的销售订单. All these 集成s have been critical to us along the way. 所以这是一个务实的混合体, using the vendor-built 集成s where it makes sense and developing our own, 当然, 用威廉希尔体育自己的平台. 所以这个应用前景可能和你自己的公司没有太大的不同. 那么如何解决这样的问题呢? Sometimes we talk about kind of the hairball of 集成. 可能会很复杂. You have major hubs, whether it’s the ERP, the CRM, marketing, automation, and so on. These different hubs that are so critical for different parts of the business. They represent effectively a system of record for different parts of the business. 你是怎么把它们缝在一起的? 接下来让威廉希尔体育讨论如何构建您自己的集成路线图以及威廉希尔体育将推荐的步骤. 首先要考虑你的数据中心. 威廉希尔体育已经提过一点了. 这些对威廉希尔体育来说很重要. 再一次, 例如, 在这里获得网站,因为威廉希尔体育的客户成功中心真的不是在图片中,直到大约18个月前. 所以你需要真正知道什么对你业务的不同部分是重要的,以及你的哪部分信息将属于哪个系统. Then the way you approach 集成 will depend a little bit on your own maturity. 如果你在[听不清]阶段, 然后 you may be okay at the beginning with sort of ad hoc 集成. 但当你前进时, 你真的想去, 增长的公司, 进入这个优化阶段. And 一个 of the features of this stage is that there’s some federated development, 意思是事物被整合到一个系统中. 然而,仍然存在一些去中心化, 在各个部门, 不仅仅是它, 当涉及到集成时,能完成工作吗. 在考虑业务流程自动化时,威廉希尔体育必须关注的一个关键领域是集成的总成本. 我很抱歉. Yeah, the total 成本 of ownership for 集成, I should say. As I’ve already menti一个d, you need to think about the limitations of out-of-the-box 集成s. 所以当你购买一个软件威廉希尔体育, 例如, 它会说, 是的, we integrate with CRM flavor of the month or flavor of the last 20 years, 也许. 这也许没有问题. 这是一个很好的开始. And I think in our journey, we’ve used those well along the way. 但他们通常只会打勾, in that they are often very point-to-point and don’t tend to be all that flexible. 举个例子, if in your CRM you’re no longer using the out-of-the-box opportunity object, 例如, 你使用的是完全定制的东西, 然后 it will probably mean you have to leave those out-of-the-box 集成s behind, as well; say, 与您的营销自动化工具的集成. 所以你必须思考-你必须知道什么时候你已经达到了那些开箱即用的积分的极限. You 也, as you’re building this roadmap, you need to beware the lure of do-it-yourself. 旧公司, 你有自己的工程团队, 你自己的IT团队, 这可以很好地说明, “嘿, 看. 这只是软件. 威廉希尔体育可以自己建造.“毫无疑问,他们可以. 然而,它可能有点复杂. 你真的想把你的Resources花在自动化你自己的业务流程上吗? And you will find that you might get version 一个 going okay. 但是,您真的可以依靠您自己的工程团队,随着业务的发展继续发展这些集成吗, 随着业务需求的变化? 最重要的是, api也有变化, the 集成 interfaces that are being exposed by various applications. You might have a CRM that has three releases a year, an ERP with two releases a year. 很明显,有很多东西需要记录. 有时依赖外部供应商为你处理大量的兼容性是有好处的. 您还需要考虑优先级和组织. 你不能同时做这些,也不应该这么做. 你需要考虑一个路线图, 当然, 像任何积压, 影响, 成本, 复杂性. And so if I give you a specific example here, let’s 看 at 报告和分析. 这 is sort of a simplified view of where we are today, 从财务的角度来看呢, Oracle NetSuite is the system or record for a lot of our customer data. We’re getting that into a big Cloud-hosted Postgres database. We’re getting a lot of product information from Splunk for real-time logs, 从蒙戈静态数据排序, and more dynamic data out of another database called Influx. 到目前为止,这对威廉希尔体育很有用. There’s a lot of data, but not too much for a Postgres database. And it gives us a fair bit of insight that we can make actionable. 但这是随着时间的推移而增长的. 这是威廉希尔体育所谓的资料室项目的一部分. 随着时间的推移, 随着威廉希尔体育的发展, 威廉希尔体育希望增加更多, 从Salesforce获得更多的机会数据, 例如. Integration will evolve as our needs evolve and in this case, 真正驱动许多业务流程. It will improve our ability to get better insight into our customers and ultimately, 甚至可以制定产品路线图,因为威廉希尔体育将看到更多业务的各个部分正在使用的内容. 威廉希尔体育也可以在这里考虑部署模型. 当您考虑自动化业务流程时, think about how you’re going to think about repeatability, 您可以期望多少重用, 拥有的总成本, 确保你在解决每个部门的问题和让业务团队控制他们自己的目标之间找到了正确的平衡, 而. Automating business processes, it’s a technical challenge. Because you’re talking about how to get a whole host of [SAS?] apps that have been acquired by different parts of the business, 将所有内容放在同一个界面中, 确保平稳过渡,确保业务流程尽可能高效.



Graney马特是一位经验丰富的产品管理领导者,在B2B软件企业和初创公司的学科领域拥有超过15年的经验. At 威廉希尔, Matt is responsible for the comp任何’s overall product vision, strategy and roadmap. 在加入威廉希尔之前, Matt在Axway担任高级产品管理职务, 集成中间件供应商, where he was responsible for the global portfolio strategy. 在那之前, Matt领导Borland Software and Telelogic(现在是IBM Rational的一部分)的战略产品的产品管理。. 马特的职业生涯始于澳大利亚国防和电信行业的软件工程师. 马特拿着B.E. in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Adelaide, Australia.


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